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We need to know that to be human is to make mistakes. Whether we are an executive, a leader, a manager, a business owner, etc. making mistakes is somethign we cannot completely avoid. The way to growth, evolution, and genuine transformation is through making those mistakes, learning from them and moving ahead. We are meant to make mistakes; that is the way humans learn and refine new skills and knowledge, even over a lifetime.

Sometimes we learn fast, sometimes we learn slowly, but always we learn. It is not just something children can do. Adults need to do it too.Give yourselves a break. It is perfectly OK to be an imperfect and changeable human being. Welcome back to the human race; we are ALL in the human experience together. 

Len Hay, your life coach

A key message to all who come to this site.

Thank you for visiting this page. I hope that it contains something useful and inspiring to add real tangible value into your life, your business and your community.

If you don’t know already that books, whether hard/soft cover, e-books, audio books, etc, are the stuff of miracles, then it is high time to catch on. Books uniquely contain an enormous amount of accumulated knowledge and wisdom of humankind on any topic you care to enquire about. They are the magical doorways or portals to other worlds, other minds and new and exciting life experiences. Use the resources they represent as well as videos, documentaries, films, etc that are there to inspire you to realise that living a life of purpose, meaning and of simple joy is not only possible, it is your right as a human being. This applies whether you are an executive, a business owner or a young person moving into the world of work and business.



Some books I have loved reading recently. They definitely had an impact on me.

"Infinite Possibilities. The Art of Living your Dreams" - Mike Dooley

"Manifesting Change. It couldn’t be easier “ - Mike Dooley

"Human By Design" - Gregg Braden

"I Can See Clearly Now" - Dr Wayne Dyer

"Becoming Supernatural" - Dr Joe Dispenza

"The Sacred Science" - Nick Polizzi

"Medical Medium" - Anthony William

"The Theory and Practice of Change Management" - John Hayes (4th Ed)

"Becoming a Master Manager. The Competing Values Approach" - Quinn, Faerman, Thompson, McGrath & Bright (6th Ed) 

"The Divine Matrix" - Gregg Braden

"Mind to Matter" - Dr Dawson Church

"People Get Ready" Change Readiness in Organisations - Dr Steve Barlow



Some authors, business gurus and/or coaches that I am very excited by.

Louise Hay

Dr Wayne Dyer

Mike Dooley

Christian Mickelsen

Dr Joe Dispenza

Pedram Shojai, Urban Monk

Tony Robbins

Brendon Burchard

Dr Deepak Chopra

Dr Susan Pierce-Thompson

Gregg Braden

Dr Dawson Church

Dr Steve Barlow

Susan Sheehan & Caroline Barton (SmartCoach7)


“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream"