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Packages - Summary (TBA)

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Package E            Corporate Use       Queries welcome & as agreed

Coaching Intervals: Weekly (usual)

Longer engagement packages - negotiable

Corporate coaching  - Individuals & Groups

  • Preparatory Coaching materials
  • Coaching sessions
  • Written Client feedback/each session
  • Feedback notes emailed
  • Phone calls (as required)
  • Complimentary PDF's of Key Coaching Information

Charges effective, Jan 2019 

Coaching Agreement & TC’s

This agreement is made between Leonard Hay, The Change Fitness and Business Coach (the Coach) and ……………………………………… (the Client).

Please read this agreement carefully, it is in an easy-to-understand format. It will begin upon acceptance by the client and shall remain valid for the duration of the Client-Coach relationship. Please raise any questions or concerns before we agree to proceed.

This agreement period is ………… (weeks / months)

Package option selected …........   (as agreed)

Duration of coaching session, 50-55 (minutes)


Coaching process

Conducted by phone, Skype, Zoom (or F2F) as convenient to both parties. It Is a partnership focused on helping you identify what it is you want to do, be or have in your life. In all our conversations, I will be open and honest with you and it is that openness plus our mutual commitment to it that can make all the difference to your progress.

As your coach, I am committed to helping you to get what you want and if any aspects of the coaching do not seem to be working or are unclear for you, please feel free to raise this at any time.

We will agree on a start time for the session. The client rings the coach on an agreed number (or Skype) 5 minutes before each session starts. If the client is more than 10 mins late for a session and hasn’t notified the coach, the session will be cancelled and the fee is still payable. If there are circumstances that will prevent our session happening, please let us know asap.

Rescheduling is easily done with a minimum 24 hour notice period of re-scheduling or cancellation to the coach. In between sessions, you may have a need to email or call the coach. If a phone call is needed, please limit your call duration to 5 minutes or less.


What is or is not coaching?

Coaching is an easy and rewarding process to go through. It is based on direct, personal conversations and reflection. It is a collaborative process where we work together. Out total focus is to help you find solutions that really work for you and at all times it is about helping you to feel good about yourself. It is not used as advice, therapy or counselling. It is not a substitute for professional help in areas that may be seen as mental health issues. It is not used for diagnosis or treatment. It is a very relaxed, comfortable and safe process.


Aspects of coaching

It is much more effective when it is viewed as a natural and a normal process. It can take time to progress for some clients and single sessions are not advised as sometimes important things for your life take time to effect. It is your call as to the timing and the pace at which you wish to move ahead. Our packages are designed to allow for small or large goals & aims that you may have. Whether we are coaching you as an executive, a business owner or a private client we often recommend spending time just to establish real clarity about where you want to go. It is a rewarding process and the vast majority of coaching clients really enjoy it and feel good about the outcomes.


Privacy and Confidentiality

The coaching relationship is built on absolute trust. This means that privacy and confidentiality are vitally important to all of our communications and conversations. At no time will I as the coach divulge any personal information you may tell me about yourself to any other third party. No personal ideas, thoughts or information expressed by you will be divulged to anyone else unless with the express written permission of you, the client.


Fees & Sessions

All coaching fees are to be paid in advance of each session. We work out fees based on what you think you need. Payment can be made via direct funds transfer or using PayPal as you wish. The client is requested to make the payment by 24 hours before the session - otherwise that session may need to be cancelled at the coach’s discretion.

We coaoch mainly on a weekly basis but this is flexible. We discuss that with you as needed.

Opening session - For new clients, the focus will outline how the coaching will proceed and to explore the client’s expectations of their coaching experience.

Further sessions – As per the agreed requirement.



The coach and the client agree that termination of this agreement can be made at any time with 48 hrs notice. As payment for sessions is made in advance of each session, there will not be an issue with refunding future booked sessions. Further, as coaches we do not give advice, so the coach will not be held liable or responsible for any adverse consequences of decisions that the client makes as a result of their coaching sessions. Our signatures on this agreement indicate our full understanding of the content and intent of this agreement.

As your coach, I firmly believe that you, as my client, are a uniquely creative, empowered and self-aware individual. You are in complete charge of moving your life forward to suit your ends, goals and aspirations. I look forward immensely to working with you to see this process unfold for you.


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“You've been criticizing yourself for years and it hasn't worked. Try approving of yourself and see what happens"

  (Louise Hay)