…So why is a Peak Performance Coach so keen on helping people improve their own personal performance?

He is a Coach, Teacher, Writer and Speaker who mentors and guides. He is equipped with plenty of experience to be a Peak Performance (and Transformational) Coach. He knows that most of us would love more money, better health, well being and more balance to enjoy our lives better. He is at ease talking to individuals, groups, executives and teams about how they can readily perform better. He loves mentoring and coaching others to bring out their very best.     

Len Hay, your life coach


Len worked as Industrial Engineer, Manager, Contractor & Consultant and has plenty of experience. He has worked with all ages & backgrounds. He loves helping others to become the best they can be in their own lives. He is a Professional Life Coach qualified by the Life Coaching Academy (LCA). The LCA is Australia’s premier Life Coaching training organisation and is accredited with the International Coaching Federation (ICF). Len also works with the amazing SmartCoach7 team (www.smartcoach7.com.au) and the ground-breaking ideas of Dr Steve Barlow (www.thechangegym.com

He has taught in Organisational Behaviour, Basic Management, Employee Relations, Change Management, Learning Organisation, Workplace Health & Safety at Universities in Qld and NSW (Graduate and Master's levels). He recently worked with Goldoc on the exciting 2018 Comonwealth Games as a Logistics Manager. He has done years of sports coaching with adults and children as well and held sporting committee positions. He knows what he is doing from a hands-on practical and theoretical level and he loves working with people.


Cert IV in Life Coaching, Professional Coach (LCA)

Certificate in Wellness (LCA)

Master of Technology Management (WSU)

Graduate Certificate (SWINBURNE)

Production Engineering Degree (UTS)

Production Engineering Certificate (TAFE, NSW) 

Fitting & Machining Trade Certificate (TAFE, NSW) 


WhY Len coaches

Len enjoys coaching, teaching and mentoring in his various roles. These are proven ways to draw out people's talents, skills & capabilities. He is always an optimist. Len revels in seeing people not just surviving and doing well in their lives and careers, but ultimately thriving in all of their life roles. This life journey of endless change can be thrilling, satisfying and intriguing yet also daunting, frustrating and confusing. This is where a skilled coach really makes that whole process much easier to navigate and is where enhanced performance emerges from.


Len can mentor and encourage people wholistically through their lives, careers & relationships. This is not such a common skill. Len sees it as a great privilege as well as an opportunity. He is equally at home working with individuals as he is with workplace teams. Working as a Peak Performance Coach, Len is drawn even more to coach, to teach, to mentor and of course to show others the benefits of allowing optimism to not only change but transform their lives. We need more of this in our society, our businesses and indeed the whole planet.


Len is happily married to the love of his life, with three amazing adult children, two beautiful grandchildren, great lifelong friends and an interesting and engaging extended family. He looks forward daily to enjoying much more of what life offers. 



Why have a coach?

Helping people discover their unique skills, talents and capabilities is a rare skill these days. People are often amazed to find that they already have significant abilities as well as a life purpose in their heart even if not fully in their mind yet:

  • This can be an amazing revelation to some and with a little exploration it becomes much clearer.
  • Facilitating this discovery process is an enormous privilege for a coach and is what Len feels he was born to do.
  • Surviving at a pleasing level in your own life is one thing, however, growing and changing joyfully, fearlessly and outrageously is what we all deserve as the absolute minimum. 



What is coaching about?

There are many terrific definitions. Try this one:

“A Life Coach’s job is to help you get what you want out of your life and that switches on your joy button daily!”  Does that really make sense let alone attainable do you think?

Coaching is an easy and comfortable process focused on navigating and inspiring positive, practical shifts in your life. A coach works closely with you for as long as you want or need them to. Their job is to help you to be able to do, be, and have exactly what you want and feel really good about it. This most often centres around abundance, prosperity and well being. It is mostly a one-on-one process usually delivered by a Zoom/Skype link or F2F whichever is practical. It can be a team-based process as well depending on client specific requirements.


Key to this process is intense listening and trust. You get to be listened to without judgement; in complete confidentiality and privacy and with no pressure or hype and without imposed expectations. Your coach seeks to become your best supporter. It is a process fully focused on your needs for where you are and what you want. It requires working closely with you and giving written confidential feedback to be most effective. This depends on client needs and the pace that you as the client feel most comfortable with. We work all that out together to suit you. Change as we know can be  challenging but it also can also be stimulating and even enjoyable.


What does this type of coaching involve? 

There may be a number of specific things you want some guidance on. This may include the following:

  • Moving through a life transition by helping you enhance your personal adaptability, be it a career, personal or of a business nature. It may be large, medium or small. It could be a clearly defined transformation that you have set your mind on.
  • Clarity in identifying your existing skills, talents and capabilities as they apply in your life or to your current work or personal situation.
  • Gettting clarity also around your life purpose can reduce worry, anxiety and confusion.
  • Moving ahead in a new direction where you may be unsure about the steps to follow in that process.
  • Identifying a path to upgrading your personal leadership and management skills if they are not quite where you want them to be.
  • Some guidance or clarity on how to acquire better overall well-being; both physically and emotionally.
  • You may still be searching for that elusive feeling of joy for life that you think you deserve (or may have misplaced) and that you see others enjoying around you.



How does coaching relate to change in my life?

Life has always been a dynamic process and we go through many transitions and transformations whether we recognise them or not. Many struggle as they try to manage on their own. Life today happens really fast and it is said by some wise people today that we are in "quickening" times. 

  • Making shifts in our life is a natural process, but it can hit us hard. It can derail us as we come down to earth with a shock. It can knock us right off balance.
  • Keeping up with the speed of what is happening is of course the challenge. The job of a coach is to help you adapt to it more effectively with less anxiety and to teach you how you can be om control of your life.
  • We are all here for our own reasons, therefore we ought to be in charge of any process that impacts on our life, right? Absolutely!
  • It is far better to be the initiator of shifing or movements in our own life. Coaching is about thgat and feeling really great about it. This is not what we hear bombarding our ears, eyes and psyches these days though is it?
  • It is no surprise then that the pace of life makes us all anxious, yet many miss why this really is. It can really disempower us.
  • It does not have to be like that. We can help you understand the reasons behind why we get often get badly "rattled" by life's impacts.


what is life really about?
  • Life is as simple as the next breath.  Life is really optimism in motion.
  • Many of the good things in life that we want to experience for ourselves need plenty of money and great health to enjoy 
  • Extracting joy from the things we choose to do because we want to, is where much of the real joy lies. Life is all about that and much more. Yes? No? Unsure?
  • Our busy lives, jobs and businesses often cloud all this over. We help you to see that situation more clearly and alter it to suit you. Isn't that what it's about?




“Progress is impossible without change and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything”
George Bernard Shaw
Beliefs & Core values...

Humans have complex beliefs and core values. These serve us okay most of the time yet many we are not consciously aware of. Some may actually hold us back from where we want to go. Our beliefs were all useful at one time. Some may now need revising. We work with you to identify those. This can often be life-changing. Changing us isn't easy, we all know that. Changing our behaviours is even tougher. Changing beliefs and core values may be a real challenge. You will make the changes to you - when you own the reason why you need to. Living someone else's ever changing life-plan may not suit, especially if that plan isn't proving much fun or reward for you.

Change can be challenging, yet it always delivers the greatest joys and satisfactions. We know this intuitively because it has already been our life experience. Life was meant to be joyful. That may need more personal awareness. Make your changes, transitions and unique transformations on your own terms. You can do this without fear, with positive expectations and a smile on your face. All it takes is supportive, knowledgeable and caring help to get you there quicker than you might have managed on your own thus far. If that sounds useful and attractive to you, then please look further into this site to learn more.



These are basic to who we are and what we may explore with you. These drive us, guide us, centre us and have always driven us. Beliefs are things that we feel are always real and true for us. We fall back on them often to make sense of our life.

They are also called our ”inner compass”. We see them as unbreakable laws that rule our lives, no matter what the circumstances. It is surprising to learn that some beliefs may no longer be helping us to lead full, rich, more satisfying lives. Some may in fact be no longer true or appropriate for us.

Here are some beliefs you may recognise and that also may surprise you:

  • Every person’s life path is different (and thus important to them).
  • Our inner wisdom is strong and infallible; even if we are not aware of it.
  • Moving forward is more about ‘why not?’ than about ‘what if?’
  • Failure is just feedback. It is always there and it is always helpful.
  • Kindness and compassion are more powerful ideas than criticism and put down.
  • There is always a solution to any problem. Solution thinking is different from problem thinking.
  • What you really love to do is where the greatest fulfilment, happiness and joy will always lie for you.
  • Life is all about change. Nothing and no one ever remains the same for very long. Look closely at nature, plants and babies for concrete proof of that idea.


Core Values

We also have core values sitting underneath our beliefs that we identify as holding to. We often use these to evaluate what we should or ought to be doing.

We all hold to a combination of some or all of these. Life Coaches love helping you to identify which ones resonate most strongly with you. You may hold others as well. Identifying these is crucial for real life clarity.

  • Integrity
  • Courage
  • Empowerment
  • Curiosity
  • Growth
  • Joy
  • Trust
  • Acceptance
  • Understanding
  • Wisdom

“The two  most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why"

(Mark Twain)